Google Sniper 2.0 Review (George Brown Internet Millionaire)

Google Sniper 2 is a bestselling how-to course by online multi-millionaire George Brown.

Dude’s been selling his sniping guide for over three years now, which shows affiliate marketers how to rank at the top of Google and earn hands-free commissions.

Believe it or not, I’ve actually purchased the product.  Twice.

Once, way back in the day, when I was just getting my feet wet.

And again, a couple years later, after pretty much mastering this whole Google ranking thing.

See, I wanted to check back in with the product and see what was new.  Totally forgot my login credentials and was too lazy to submit a support ticket, so I just did George a favor and bought again.  LOL.

So… question is:

With all the hype around new fads like dropshipping off Amazon and eBay, selling services to local businesses, or even becoming a digital info product creator yourself…

… is Google Sniper still relevant here in April 2014?

And if so, does it still work?

That’s what you’re about to find out.  My business partner and I have went through this puppy with a fine tooth comb… for the second time, mind you… and we’re not afraid to spill the beans.

Money Blogs – 3 Golden Commandments


Susan here :)

Now you might be thinking…

Susan, what on earth is a Money Blog?

All it means is not only are you blogging about what your passions are, but you are also earning income off it.

Sounds pretty sweet….but also maybe a little intimidating.

I totally get it.

But it doesn’t have to be because there is a strategy that you can apply into your business to ensure that you not only have a blog, but you have a money blog.

Lucky for you… I know what it is :)

Also lucky for you… I’m gonna share it with ya :)

There are three pieces to the Money Blog Strategy…



…and Content.

Let’s dive in!


Just because we are talking about design here does not mean that more design is better.

In fact, you may or may not be shocked to hear that it’s actually the opposite.


Less is more.

The more simple your design, the more your users can focus on what’s important.

What’s on the blog!

So here are some key things to keep in mind with the design of your money blog.

Make sure that it’s simple and very user friendly.

Allow the pictures and videos capture attention with their colors while keeping the rest neutral.

Ensure that your site name and your tagline are visible.

(All your tagline is a quick explanation of what your site is about.)


The most obvious place to think about navigation is when you look at your navigation bar (or you menu bar).

Your navbar should have the most important pages that you want your visitors to go and include things like…

…an about me section

…a contact me section

…a partner/buy section

But ya know what?

Navigation goes a lot farther than that.

Fundamentally, all navigation means is directing your visitors where you want them to go.

This means in your posts and pages as well.

Your visitors don’t know where you want them to go or where they should go next.


If you don’t, they will read the one post or page their are on and leave… you would be lucky if they found where they needed to go themselves.

You have to help guide them with the links in the posts and hold their hand, so to speak, each and every step of the way.

A good thing to keep in mind with navigation is to make sure that all your best stuff is visible.

It takes a lot of energy and effort to build a blog and the last thing you want is to miss opportunities.

Take stock of where the possible missed opportunities are in your blog.

Don’t worry if there are any, it’s never too late to make adjustments.


You could have the best design and the absolute BEST navigation with no wholes, BUT…. if you don’t have good content then it just won’t matter.

The biggest piece of advice that I can give is to make sure that you focus on your end goal of your blog and of each individual post.

Everything you do in terms of your content should serve a purpose….even if that purpose is strictly just to entertain.

Your content should be focused on your end goal and on your specific target audience.

Sooooo often I see content that just goes all over the place and has no congruency.

What do I mean by that?

One post it’s talking about a business and the next post talks about something silly like puppies.

It’s just confusing!

Stay focused and lead with purpose.


If you really want to maximize these 3 pieces of the money blog strategy then always remember the 3 Golden Commandments.

  1. Your blog is meant to build relationships with it’s visitors.
  2. Your blog is designed to capture leads.
  3. Your blog is designed to make sales.

All you need to do when focusing on the 3 pieces of your money blog is to always think about it in terms of these Golden Commandments.

If you do, you will start to see that your blog will be the goose that lays golden eggs.


If you wanna know how I generate income off my money blog, click here.

To An Empowered You,


The 8 Core Commitments – Master These and Earn!

A lot of people get started with Empower Network and want to jump 15 steps ahead before they even bother mastering the fundamentals.

How does it work for them?

Well not so great.

Hey – it’s Susan, and I want to share with you WHY that doesn’t work out so well with those people and what you can do different to make sure that you don’t fall in the same boat.

I know it’s super easy to get excited and want to get results, and get them fast.

But if you just jump ahead without mastering the basics, you are actually going to go a lot slower if you get there at all.

That’s why Empower Network has set out their 8 core commitments – so you could just focus on the fundamentals and see success happen for you A LOT quicker.

The 8 Core Commitments

1. Make sure you are active

In order to get paid on the products you sell, there is a $20/month affiliate fee – this is IN ADDITION to the Empower Products.

A lot of people get confused by that or don’t understand what it is for.

Basically it takes care of ensuring you have a back office, the processing fees of the commissions, the company operations, the customer support offered by the company, and the events that they put on.

Quite a lot of $20 isn’t it.

2. Blog Daily

8-core-commitmentsPowerful things happen when you stay consistent with your activity over time.

Not only will it allow you to have great results but for the users that you have it allows them to have a reason to follow your posts and check in to your sites all the time.

If you aren’t consistent then it becomes very easy to forget ya.

Sorry – but sometimes the truth hurts and helps you realize why it’s so important.

3. Market Daily

What is the point of putting in all the effort to blog every day if you aren’t doing everything in your power to get visitors to your site?

There are soooo many ways that you can market your blog…



…paid advertising

…solo ads


….facebook marketing

…warm market

Get the point?

A ton of different things.

My advice – pick one and master it instead of trying to get overwhelmed trying everything.

Trust me, I did that at first and felt like I was spinning in circles.

4. New Member Coaching

A huge piece of the Empower Network Compensation Plan is the fact that there is a pass up program.

If you aren’t coaching your new teammates you are really missing the boat on thousands of dollars of commissions.

Plus – it is SUPER rewarding when you help someone win.

How will they know to master the 8 core commitments if no one is there to show them?

They aren’t psychic :)

5. Empower Hour Calls

Every Monday night the company does a “Empower Hour Call” where they go over motivation, training, promotions, and contests.

You will hear stories here that will just resonate with you and give you all the tools necessary to be successful.

In the world we deal with so much negativity – the way I like to look at it is the Empower Hour Calls are the fuel that keep the car going when the negativity drains out the gas.

If you don’t fuel up – you’re running on E and won’t get very far.

6. Inner Circle Audios

This is the same as number 5 except they are available as MP3 audios in your back office that you can listen to no matter what you are doing.

In the gym.

Making dinner.

Taking your dog for a walk.

Anywhere you can listen to your ipod.


7. Read Daily

I’m not talking about reading Entertainment Magazine here – I’m talking about reading personal development books.

Ya know?

Those books that will teach you lessons about yourself, business, leadership, and marketing.

There is something really special that happens when you learn from third party sources.

8. Go to Events

I really cannot express the feeling you get from being at an event with thousands of people who all believe in you, want to help you and want to celebrate you.

If you have been to events, then you know what I mean.

If not, you’ll have to do what I did and go on faith.

It’ll change you forever.

There it is folks.

The fundamentals.

I promise you if you just master these you will get to your goals faster.

To an Empowered You,


Empower Network Compensation Plan – Is this too good to be true?

Have you ever fallen in love with a product or service, found out that not only can you enjoy it but you can also make money off it…

…only to be super confused later on how it actually works?


That was me

Thank god I had some help in understanding it with my mentor Brad.

So I am going to pay it forward and help you understand exactly how the Empower Network Compensation Plan works, the things that I love and the things that I hate.

 How it Works

The hardest thing for me to understand was the “passup” so I thought I would explain it first.

The Passup

  • What it means and how it works

For every one of the 8 products that Empower Network has to offer, there is a passup program involved.

What it means is that you pass up your 2nd, 4th, and 6th sale and every 5th sale after that to your sponsor.

Depending on the frequency of people buying products, you could pass up certain sales of one person and keep others of that same person. (Not everyone will always get all the products at the same time.)

The same thing will happen to you with your teammates; you receive those passups

  • Important things to remember

The biggest thing to remember is that you are not only giving up that one time sale….

You are also giving up the passups that they will have.

The best way that I like to think about it is that you are not just passing up the SALE but you are passing up the PERSON and everything they do.

On 7 out of the 8 products you earn 100% commissions – meaning – what they are sold for is what you make.

The only product that that is not the case is the Masters Course – it’s sold for $3,500 and your commission is $3,000.

All commissions are payed directly from the sale to your virtual e-wallet and are able to be earned as soon as you own the products.

Keep in mind, you can only earn commissions on products that you own.

I think that seems quite fair!

What I Love

The Empower Network Products range from $25 to $3,500 which means that there are products available for every person no matter their starting point.

Anyone can get started with Empower Network.

The products also are very diversified depending on your knowledge level.

You can start out from zilch or from someone who’s been building on the internet for years.

There really is something for everybody!

The Empower Network Comp Plan allows you to get paid in three different ways.

  1. Upfront, one-time commissions
  2. Monthly Commissions with the $25/month and $100/month products
  3. Hands-Off Commissions with receiving the passups.

The last thing that I really love is the fact that there is such unlimited income earning potential.

No matter what your income goal is, it definitely is possible through Empower Network.


There have been many stories of people who were broke and in bad situations that have made millions in income from Empower Network.

Including the co-founders Dave Sharpe and David Wood.

And although anyone can make money with Empower Network, not everyone will.

Things that I Hate

Not everyone will make money with Empower Network….

Not because Empower Network is a Scam, or because there is something wrong with the compensation plan…

But because that is human nature – not every person does EXACTLY what they commit to.

Doesn’t matter if its business, friendship, family, or love.

Which leads me into what I hate about the Empower Network Compensation Plan.

The passups.

Some people that you passup will be the people who do duplicate meaning you could miss out on all the passups that they will provide.

If you took duplication out of the equation entirely… the  passups still sort of suck.

I mean you are missing out on like half of the sales you make on your first ten sales.

Maybe that’s not noticeable at the $25/month level…

But how about at the $3,000 level?

…that’s $9,000!

I don’t really care who you are, that sucks.

The last thing that I kinda dislike is the fact that it is expensive to access the whole compensation plan.

To get “all in”  with Empower Network, it would require over $5,000 upfront.

Which for the average person, is really inaccessible for the average person.

But you know what?

There really isn’t any compensation plan out there that is PERFECT.

Whether that’s in MLM, affiliate marketing, or your job.

There’s always something that could be better.

Or ways that you could increase your probability of success and earning potential.

So how can you do that with Empower Network?

How to Maximize Your Potential

You can severely take advantage of earning commissions here if you do one thing…


Focus on the quality of your teammates instead of the quantity of teammates. There is a lot of money to be made yourself and for your team if you leverage the passup and master the 8 core commitments of Empower Network.

Focus on mastering one skillset. If you are trying to do everything,  you probably won’t get anywhere…and if you do, it’s not as far as you could go with being a master of one.


Focus on finding a mentor, like myself, who can teach you how you can really become a master and truly maximize the Empower Network Compensation Plan.

You can accomplish anything you set your mind too – and you can truly speed up the time that you can achieve it by partnering with people who have already been where you want to go.

Learn from them.

Copy them.

and Enjoy the results.

If you’re ready to partner with someone who has maximized the Empower Network Compensation Plan and want to learn those trade secrets….

It’s time to partner with me today!

Click on the Money Bags below and let’s start collecting them together.


To an Empowered You,



Welcome To My Website

Hey, it’s Susan.  Just wanted to welcome you to my new website,…

I’ll be chatting about my internet business.

My mentor Brad and I have teamed up to build something amazing with an opportunity called the Empower Network.

Heard of it?

Yes?  No?  Maybe so?  Well, regardless of your answer, you’ve never heard what we’re about to teach you.

The real inside scoop, if you will.